Day 18- Watch a Black and White movie


# 19 Watch four old black and white movies and take film inspired photos, 1/4

I decided to watch Sullivan’s Travels, starring Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea. The film was released in 1941. It’s about a director of light comedies who wants to make serious films about serious issues. He decides to go on the road to learn about hardship with only a dime in his pocket. He meets up with Veronica Lake and a madcap adventure ensues.

I looked up an old still image of Joel McCrea and then tried to photograph my son, Joseph, in a similar style. It was much more difficult than I imagined. I think I got the basic setup of the photograph, but there are some problems. For instance, I should have used a colored shirt rather than a white one on Joseph. I tried to capture some patterns on the wall, like in the Joel McCrea photo, but you can see a shadow across Joseph’s face. I kept experimenting on different ways to light him, but I kept getting shadows where I didn’t want them.

Joseph was a good sport, but I could have used another hour to get it closer. I learned a lot though, and that was the point.

347 days to go!


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