Day 19- Learn to Make a New Cocktail (Hot)


#83 Learn to make 6 new cocktails, 3 hot, 3 cold; 1/6

Today was a cold, rainy day in Los Angeles. Okay, if you’re almost anywhere else in the country it’s probably colder. But here, when the temperature dips below sixty degrees, it’s time to turn on the fireplace and bring out the hooch. One of the joys of winter is that the long, dark evenings give you permission to snuggle in and relax. You don’t feel like you have to be especially productive and you can easily find a cat willing to sit on your lap.

I thought it would be a perfect time to try a new hot cocktail recipe. I have a bunch of leftover bourbon from earlier this month when all my bourbon cousins visited. Yes, that’s a thing. Bourbon Cousins. At first there were only two of us, but we recruited and now we all get together to sample new bottles and tell old stories.

I searched the internet for something bourbon-y, and I found this intriguing recipe at The Minimalist Baker for a Cinnamon Chile Bourbon Hot Toddy. It’s quite simple. You can make the recipe to serve one, as I did, or to serve six. I used Blanton’s (a little too good for mixing but I needed to finish off the bottle), a Meyer lemon, real maple syrup, and a pequin pepper, and red chile flakes because that’s what I had on hand. The result was a steaming spicy, citrusy bourbon cocktail that packed a wallop. I usually have to adjust recipes to balance the flavor, but this one was perfect just as it was.

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, I have no doubt that this drink will bring some color back to your cheeks. Cheers!

346 days to go!

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