Day 20- Eat Truffles

#235 Eat Truffles


So, I’ve had a beautiful, black truffle burning a whole in my pocket ever since my friend Nancy gave it to me last week. She put the truffle in a jar with some paper toweling and two organic, cage-free eggs.

I’ve never had a truffle before, so I read up a bit on how to take care of it. I read that I should change the paper toweling daily. I also learned that the shelf life is about twelve days.

On the third day, I removed the eggs from the jar and turned them into THE MOST delicious truffle scented omelette EVER. It was life changing. If you get your hands on a truffle, you must try it. Heaven.

After my duck hunting adventure last Saturday, I was given a duck to bring home.

I now had a duck AND a truffle. What to do?

After some speculation, I decided to send a shout out to Evan Kleiman, of KCRW’s Good Food. I worked with her some years back and I thought she would know what to do. I mentioned to her that I was considering making risotto, but I also had a duck to deal with.

She said, “Put arborio rice in the jar with the truffle, pronto!” and then she shared a recipe she found.  The method has shaved truffle slices inserted under the fat of the duck breast and truffles are also chopped into a Pinot Noir reduction sauce.

IMG_5988It was a good call. The recipe was the perfect presentation for both items. I was worried that the duck might be super lean and gamey, but the sauce was flavorful and I was careful not to overcook it so it was fine. The risotto was scented and creamy and I was tempted to eat it with a spoon right out of the pan.  (If you’re wondering about the color, I used Pinot Noir instead of white wine because I had the bottle open.) Once I finished the dish, I felt I should share it. Even though it was nearly 10 o’clock at night, I packed up a little care package of duck and risotto and headed over to John’s house. I slipped a sample in their fridge and the remainder of the Pinot Noir.

IMG_5991A fine conclusion to two beautiful gifts.

345 days to go!


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