Day 29- Buy a new CD

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# 330, Buy 12 new CDs, 1/12

Even though I’m fond of saying that I’ve been listening to the same 10 CDs for the last 25 years, I do like lots of different kinds of music. Right now, I’m on an indie kick and I LOVE the song Got You Well, from Gabrielle Papillon from Nova Scotia. I’ve purchased the CD and I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album.

I followed her on Instagram and I saw that she made a 2010 playlist. It was kind of fun to listen to these Canadian bands and hear what was influencing Gabrielle six years ago.

  1. Amelia Curran– The Mistress
  2. Chloe Abert– Honey Bee
  3. Steven Bowers- Sewing Machines
  4. Steve Brockley–Late Night Nancy
  5. Luke Doucet– Long Haul Driver
  6. Tanya Davis– Thesaurus
  7. Bent By Elephants– Victor
  8. Wooden Sky– Something Hiding for Us in the Night
  9. Bette et Wallet– Squeegees
  10. Don Brownrigg– Fight for the Castle
  11. Dance Movie– Carjack My Heart
  12. Erin Costelo- Architect of Fashion

I really liked a few of these selections. I liked the Chloe Abert for her cheerful pop folk music, and Bette et Wallet was fun, partly sung in French and sounds kind of Cajun-y with accordion thrown into the mix.

When I was listening to Erin Costelo, I got a pop-up saying Welcome Non Canadian! It was a polite reminder that licensing rules are different in Canada.

I spent some time listening to later music by these bands to see how they’ve evolved.

I often use Pandora to find new bands, but tonight I enjoyed hearing music that was off the beaten track.

I also enjoyed hearing music from Little May and Meg Hutchinson while I was in this mood.

That was my Friday night.

336 days to go!



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