Day 30- Visit a dubious landmark

IMG_6170#310, Visit a dubious landmark

Today I was in Highland Park looking for the very famous, 22 foot high, half man, half chicken, fiberglass structure that I heard now resides on old Route 66. As I drove toward Figueroa Blvd, and the smell of frying tortillas enveloped the Jeep, I looked up and saw the one, the only… Chicken Boy!

IMG_6177Chicken Boy used to reside on Broadway in downtown LA until one day, a fan who had always felt a kinship for the big cluck, saw a ‘for lease’ sign on the chicken restaurant he advertised.

She worried for the fate of Chicken Boy and feared that his noble contribution to Los Angeles history might be lost. She called the leasing agent and after several inquiries, they told her to “just come get it.”

There is a great website devoted to Chicken Boy, and you can download this pdf which gives his history, his journey, his adoption, and his hopes for the future. Don’t forget to print out your official “Friend of Chicken Boy” membership card while you’re there.

There is also a slideshow of several kitschy historic restaurants in Los Angeles, which were enjoying a heyday in the 1920s, including the still standing Donut Hole in La Puente.

There are a few events coming up in Highland Park soon, where Chicken Boy’s presence will definitely be felt:

Coming up on Saturday, February 6th, from 10am to 8pm–it’s FIG JAM–a Celebration of No. Figueroa Street’s Past, Present & Future–presented by Great Streets LA and North Figueroa Association. It’s like a big open house on No. Fig–there will be free tastings from several local restaurants, music programmed by Stone’s Throw Records, theatre programmed by Teatro Arroyo, shops and restaurants will have specials, there will be community booths and demonstration bike lanes, and lots more free, family friendly activities. Not only will there be many portraits of our buddy, but there will be tastings of fig jams throughout the day. Chicken Boy Shop will have map guide schedules, so start your Fig Jam day there.

Saturday, Feb. 13 from 7-10pm–they will be open for NELA Art’s Second Saturday Gallery Night. Chicken Boy Shop will be open for weird, strange, and unusual Valentine’s Day giftware.

Artists include: Teenie Duchamp • Kristen Johanessen • Roseanne Kleinerman • Lyn Mayer • Ted Meyer • Corey Miller • Janet Olenik • Barbara Thomason • Louisa Van Leer • Katsu Yokoyama • and more! The exhibit includes photos, paintings, Lego art, sculptural pieces, a painted balalaika, crop art, and prints.

If all that isn’t enough, you can also purchase a CD of the Chicken Boy Movie.

The Movie is a live-action short film with original score starring Chicken Boy. He comes to life from his rooftop perch, and finds his way through various adventures in Los Angeles, eventually finding his bliss as an accordion-playing singing sensation. Shot on film on location in Los Angeles, California and Columbus, Ohio (25 minutes). Written by Mary Ann Henry, directed by Tom Dusenberry.
Who knew?
335 days to go!

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