Day 32- Buy a fun umbrella

water-815271_1280#246, Buy a fun umbrella

This weekend it poured in Los Angeles. On our way to the movies, we were sitting in traffic only to realize that a 25 foot tree had fallen across the freeway onto the hood of a car. On our way home from the movies another large tree fell across the boulevard near our house. Water sloshed over the edges of our swimming pool, and all the mail in the mailbox was a soggy mess.

Today was the perfect excuse to buy that fun umbrella I’ve been thinking about.

I looked up fun umbrellas online and I was very amused by this list, which includes a dog umbrella,


and an umbrella with a built in cupholder.


I loved this little Kate Spade umbrella, but the online reviews were not good.


I almost settled on this Lulu Guinness umbrella, but I thought I wouldn’t actually walk around with it after Valentine’s Day.


I remembered that I had a Nordstrom gift card from Christmas, so I settled on this umbrella,


and I bought rain boots too!


Now I’m ready for puddle jumping.

333 days to go!

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