Day 33- Make Lemon Curd

scone#291, Make Lemon Curd

This morning I took a look at the remaining lemons on the counter and decided that it is time to make lemon curd. Lemon curd is one of those decadent things that I love to eat when visiting tea rooms, but I rarely make at home. Lemon curd is what gives lemon bars their zing, and it is also delicious on blueberry scones.

I decided to use Ina Garten’s recipe, because after watching the video, I thought it seemed very simple. I liked her method of using a “carrot peeler” for removing the lemon rind and it worked in my kitchen just as well as it did in hers. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

I assembled the ingredients and mixed them together.



It was a little bit alarming when I added the lemon juice, because the mixture looked “broken”, but once I heated it, it smoothed out again. Then, it was just a matter of heating the mixture on the stove over low heat until it gets thick. Ina said it would take ten minutes, but I got restless after 15 minutes and turned it up to medium heat- watching it very carefully.

I threw together some blueberry scones, using a basic ratio from cooking school and adding blueberries and lemon juice. It wasn’t a perfect dough to work with because it was sticky and messy, but it baked up super moist. I whipped a bit of cream and when the kids came in the door after school yelling that they wanted bagels, I had this to offer them instead.


I liked Ina’s recipe, it is very bright tasting, rather than eggy like some lemon curd recipes. My beautiful Meyer lemons improved it further. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the presence of lemon zest which gives the spread a roughness. I prefer the smooth, coat your tongue and let it slowly melt, kind of texture. Which means I will probably press the curd through a sieve before I use it again.

I have been making scones for years. My daughter, Tess, learned to make them in kindergarten. This year she graduates from high school, but I will always see her like this.


332 days to go!


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