Day 36- Frame Something

IMG_6344#165, Frame something

When I was trying to decide how the website for Moments Big As Years should look, I happened upon a website I just LOVED. It is, a wedding photographer’s site. The photography is beautiful, the watercolors are sweet, and the natural landscape where she lives, near Banff, is just breathtaking. I called Orange Girl’s website designer, and quickly decided that a blog with no revenue stream (mine) couldn’t justify the thousands of dollars to create a site like hers. But I did have fun looking at all her pictures, her blog, and even her Pinterest page.

It was on Orange Girl’s Pinterest wish list, that I spotted a print she favorited in an Etsy shop called theblackapple. The artist is Emily Winfield Martin. She paints “myths, fairy tales, willful girls & wonders of all kinds. She creates imaginary worlds in her children’s books, including Dream Animals, Day Dreamers, Oddfellow’s Orphanage & The Wonderful Things You Will Be.” You can visit her Etsy shop, or go to her website,

IMG_6345I liked the print that Orange Girl chose, but the one I liked best was the Tattooed Lady, with drawings of birds on her arms. It wasn’t expensive, and I thought it would look pretty in my office bathroom. I ordered it and it was delivered a few weeks ago.

IMG_6342Since then, it has been sitting on my desk. I went to Aaron Brothers earlier today and purchased a frame and mat, assembled it all, and it is ready to go up on the wall.

Sometimes a little curious jaunt can lead you to something that will give you a great deal of pleasure. You just have to follow the breadcrumbs.

IMG_6352I think I will call my tattooed lady, Orange Girl.

329 days to go!

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