Day 41- Visit an Art Gallery

#156 Visit 3 Art Galleries, 1/3

After seeing the documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, last night, I looked online to see if any of her work was being shown in Los Angeles. I found an exhibition at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery on La Brea which is ongoing through February 27th.

Since everything in Los Angeles is 45 minutes away, I looked for something to listen to on my drive. I found an interview on KCRW’s The Treatment. Elvis Mitchell had interviewed John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, co-directors of the documentary. There is a bit of new information and some behind-the-scenes commentary that I found interesting. You can find the interview here.

I found the gallery pretty easily, but it didn’t look open because the giant door was closed and the glass was covered. I saw a sign that said, Push, and so I did just that.

IMG_6465The first thing I saw was a display case with Vivian’s camera, shoes, hats, and papers. The gallery people behind the desk were friendly and allowed me to take pictures after I assured them that my blog only has about four followers.


From the desk, I moved through the gallery. The exhibit extends through three rooms. There are a few color photographs, and two rare prints which were made while she was living. I found that as I looked at each photograph, my eye would keep moving through the scene, finding surprises along the way. I was doubly impressed when I remembered that she was known for taking just one shot of her subjects, since the positioning and separation of the figures was so precise.



The only other person in the gallery, besides the staff, was a young woman who was being interviewed to work there in the office. It was lovely to wander through the gallery on my own, taking my time. I made three loops.

As I was leaving, I spotted a cute shop (The List #66) with a small cafe.

IMG_6476I went inside and ordered an espresso.




They had some lovely apricot tarts in the display case, but I am still recovering from Cookie Con, so I didn’t make eye contact.

I wandered the shop for a bit and bought a couple of cute things.

This French market bag, which only needs a baguette and a bunch of lilacs.


And this honey pot which comes with it’s own wooden stick.


I wanted this tagine- it’s quite large, the base is between 14-16 inches wide, but it was nearly $300, so I decided to pass.


As I left the store, I saw several interesting people. I would have loved to be like Vivian Maier and be bold enough to take their pictures. Having the Rolleiflex, certainly helped her, since she could take her photos more discreetly than if she had to hold a camera up to her face and in someone else’s.

I saw the big blue-eyed baby playing peek-a-boo with her handsome young father, the grey haired guy whizzing past me on a skateboard, a young African American girl rocking healthy thighs and a very short skirt… there is so much to see, so many moments to capture.

Before time swallows them whole.

324 days to go!




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