Day 43- Bourbon Blood Orange Spicy Sweets

# 83, Learn to make 6 new cocktails, 2/6

FullSizeRenderThis afternoon I was planning on making marmalade. I purchased two pounds of blood oranges, a few Meyer lemons, and some tangerines. I put the fruit on my kitchen counter, but the thought of standing over the stove stirring hot jam on this warm evening didn’t quite appeal to me. I decided that making a cocktail would be a much, much better use of my time.

I know that most cocktail recipes are for a single cocktail, but I prefer to make a small batch instead. I can stir the ingredients together, chill the mixture, and shake it with ice when it’s time to serve. No waiting.

First I rinsed a 2lb. bag of blood oranges (reserving one for garnish) and squeezed them into a quart sized glass measuring cup. I yielded about 1-1/2 cups of blood orange juice from the 2 pounds. I then squeezed enough Meyer lemons and tangerines to bring my total juice mixture to 2 cups. (For me, this was two lemons and two tangerines.)

Next, I put 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar into a small saucepan and stirred it together. I dropped in a few sprigs of thyme and 4 dried pequin chiles and brought the mixture to a boil. I let the mixture boil for 5 minutes and then set it aside to cool.


I poured 1 cup of bourbon into the juice mixture. I then poured in the cooled syrup through a small strainer and added it to the juice. I put the mixture in the freezer for 15 minutes to chilI. I dipped the edges of my chilled martini glasses into karo syrup and then rolled them with Mark Bitterman’s Fleur de Hell (a spicy salt mixture). I dipped the edges of small blood orange wedges with the karo syrup and then dipped them into thyme leaves and placed them on the glasses. (I find that the heavier karo syrup sticks to the edges better than dipping it into the simple syrup or using fruit juice.)

IMG_6550When I was ready to serve, I filled a jumbo martini shaker with ice and poured in half the drink mix. I shook it well and poured it into the prepared glasses.



Bourbon Blood Orange Spicy Sweets

2 lbs. blood oranges, reserve 1 orange for garnish

2 lemons, preferably Meyer

2 tangerines

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 cup bourbon, I used Angel’s Envy

4-6 small dried chiles, such as pequin

4-6 sprigs thyme, plus more for garnish

Karo syrup

Fleur de Hell from Mark Bitterman


Makes 4-6 drinks.


I can make marmalade another day.

322 days to go!


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