Day 44- Visit a Ship

#109, Visit a ship

I headed to Long Beach yesterday morning to attend the Scots Festival and XXIII International Highland Games on the Queen Mary. By the time I arrived the ship was shrouded in fog, and it lent a lovely sense of place to the event, as if it was blown from the great isle itself. The sound of bagpipes led the way.

*Note: this blogger is off to another adventure Sunday morning. So please forgive this draft version of my post. I wanted to share the pictures with you, but I’ll have to come back and add more writing later. The event is going on through February 14, 2016.

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The event took place both on the ship and in the village in front of the ship. I arrived early so I was able to visit with the artisans on Reenactment Row, before the crowds arrived.


This craftsman demonstrated how cracked wooden bowls were once repaired with sinew.


This woman showed the art of luceting, a tool made in cord making.


This young man was busy fetching hot drinks for the crew.


The happy woman was delighted to share her embroidery skills.


There were demonstrations of many tools and techniques through the course of the day.

When I finished there, I turned a corner to see that the Highland Games were getting started. Here’s an aerial view to give you a sense of scale.


The women, some world champions, were a strong and fierce bunch. It was exciting to watch them participate in events like Weights for Distance and Putting the Stone.


Atheletic men in kilts were participating in games throughout the day as well. It was fantastic.


Several bands played, and a parade of drummers and bagpipes and horses, moved through the grounds.



On the ship, there was more to see. There was Celtic Harp Petting  and Highland Dancing. There was archery and dart playing. There were people available to tell you the history of your clan and show you your coat of arms.

IMG_1587IMG_1589 IMG_1575IMG_1607


Everywhere I looked, there were beautiful people to photograph. Here is a sampling.





There were cannons which were periodically set off and you can not BELIEVE the force with which those explosions happen. I was standing 50 feet away and my pant legs jerked as though someone was pulling them.




There is a kiddie village where they can have potato sack races and play tug of war. They can also be knighted by the queen.


There were whisky tastings aplenty, but I didn’t have a ticket to that area, so know that they are well represented at the event. There are also bands playing all day.

At night there was a Rock yer Kilt concert, with Live Scottish Rock! People danced and held hands and swirled there children around the dance floor.



It was a very long day, but I LOVED everything about the Scots Festival and I’m so happy I got out of my nice warm bed when everything in my body said go back to sleep.

321 days to go!









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