Day 53- Make a Microloan

kiva#334, Help a woman in another country with a microloan.

I’ve heard that the quickest way out of crankiness is to help someone else. Since I was feeling a bit grumpy cat the last couple of days, I thought it might be the perfect time to offer a microloan to a woman in another country.

I’ve read that there is some controversy attached to microloans, but I’m not going to concern myself with that today.

Instead, I’m sending a small amount of money to a woman named Gulnorahon who lives in Kyrgyzstan so that she can buy additional cows and sheep in order to increase the size of her herd. Her monthly income is about $128.00 US dollars.

I admit that I felt a certain empathy for Gulnorahon when I realized that her case was tagged under the category of “elderly”, though she is fifty years old.

I made the loan through, an organization I heard about on Oprah several years ago. Other people participate in the loan too, and it is repaid over time. In this case, over 20 months. Gulnorahon had a matching sponsor too, so any funds that were loaned were matched by a donor. My contribution, along with the match, pushed Gulnorahon’s loan into the “funded” category.

I like thinking about Gulnorahon hearing that her loan has been funded and putting together a plan to buy additional livestock for her farm. I’ll bet she is making a list. : )

Here is a great two minute video that shows a microloan recipient and how it has changed her life.

A few years ago, I saw a TED talk that has changed the way I think about charitable giving. If you have 18 minutes, it is a worthwhile listen.

Well, I think this small gesture is working already. I’m not feeling cranky. I’m feeling grateful for all that I have, and pleased that I have something to give. Thanks for bearing with me.

312 days to go!



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