Day 55- Burn some incense

#113, Burn some incense

I mentioned in my post yesterday that Vroman’s bookstore carries many gift items. In their “being zen” section, they have spiritual figurines, candles, crystal lamps, and incense.


I purchased this pretty hand-painted mystic butterfly holder ($9.95) and a tube of orange blossom hand rolled incense ($6.95).

IMG_6728I like to burn incense when I meditate (usually along with Oprah and Deepak) or when I begin the day with gentle Yoga, like today.

When I was in Chinatown the other day, I purchased some incense coils because they reminded me of when I visited the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. The temple is a tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). We were enthralled with the enormous incense spirals that hung from the ceiling.



Unfortunately, the quality of my chinatown incense was not very good and there was little fragrance.


Every fall I burn piñon incense because it makes the house smell like New Mexico, the place my family has lived for over 400 years.  Just one whiff, and I am bouncing along a dirt road in an old truck with an ugly dog in the back, getting ready for a swim in an irrigation ditch before my supper of chile verde and sopaipillas.

It’s amazing how scent can transport you.

310 days to go.



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