Day 58- Attend a ballet

#46, Attend a ballet

Tonight I went to the Alex Theatre in Glendale to see the Los Angeles Ballet perform Don Quixote.


The Alex Theatre has been a Glendale landmark since 1925. It was originally a neighborhood Vaudeville house and movie palace, but today the venue is a performing arts and entertainment center. The Alex Theatre was designed by architects Charles R. Selkirk and Arthur G. Lindley and is adorned with Greek and Egyptian motifs.

IMG_6771“The auditorium was designed as an “atmospherium” with an open-air illusion enhanced by the stage-set wall encircling the room, creating the feeling of being enclosed in an ancient garden. The Alex is one of the few atmospheric theatres constructed in Southern California and one of only a handful that still remain.

In 1940, in an effort to extend the glamour of the Alex out to Brand Boulevard, architect S. Charles Lee created the Theatre’s iconic 100-foot tall Art Deco neon tower with the spiked starburst at the top. The three dimensional marquee, outdoor ticketing kiosk, and decorative terrazzo floor crested in bright tropical colors were added at this time as well, completing the distinct look of the exterior.” (Alex Theatre website)


I had not been to the ballet in years. It was great to see a production that was so colorful and fun and full of energy. The dancers were fantastic and knocked our socks off in the final numbers. Taking pictures proved difficult during the show, but here are two quick ones I snapped with my iPhone.



It was a lovely evening, despite the sounds emanating from a snoring stranger on my left. I looked over at him and his wife smiled at me as if to say, “Whatever. I’m at the ballet!”

307 days to go!


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