Day 72- Visit a fabulous boutique!!!

#66, Visit 8 fabulous boutiques, 3/8

I visited the cutest store in Pacific Palisades called Lavender Blue. They sell fine linens from France and they are packed floor to ceiling with beautiful gifts. I purchased a large square oilcloth tablecloth for my round table. It is perfect because it looks elegant, but it can also be wiped clean.

Here is the owner Catherine Giraud, with my friend Nancy and a charming French man we squeezed into the picture just for fun. IMG_2435

Next door to Lavender Blue is her husband’s restaurant, Maison Giraud. If you want to try the best croissants in the city, you will need to get there early or call ahead.

I can’t wait to go back to Lavender Blue and spend an afternoon exploring every inch.

293 days to go!


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