Day 74- Go to a Film Festival

#48, Go to a Film Festival

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Last year I attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. I saw it both at Cal Tech and also in Santa Monica. Many of the films overlapped, but I didn’t want to miss any so I attended both venues.

This year, I went to Cal Tech, for the 2016 tour. The Santa Monica screenings are this coming Friday and Saturday. If you can make it, and you like adventure films, don’t miss them!

I am obsessed with these films. Two of my old favorites are Sufferfest and Sufferfest 2.

If you love dogs, take the 7 minutes to watch this film,

If you like these films as much as I do, here’s a few more that are really great. This is a trailer for the film Kayaking the Aleutians.

Alastair Humphreys is a god. He cycled around the world in four years. Here is a trailer for his film, Into The Empty Quarter.


I’ve read most of his books, Microadventures, Moods of Future Joys, Thunder and Sunshine, There Are Other Rivers, and I’ve ordered his latest book, Grand Adventures, which arrives from the UK on April 5th. He has a huge volume of quality content on his blog and his TED Talk is my very favorite.

Now when I put film festival on The List back in December, I was kind of thinking of attending film festivals in Sundance or Telluride, but the truth is, I LOVE these adventure films, so my trip to CalTech was perfect.

Next year,though, I’d like to see them in Banff.

291 days to go!

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