Day 79- Do a Weekly Photo Shoot

#365- Do a weekly photo shoot


This has been a big week for pictures. Usually I report on my weekly photo jaunts in my Sunday Evening Posts, but this week I am going to give The List item its own entry.

But first, let me ask you…. Do any of you have a friend who thinks that you are much better than you are? Do you have a friend that encourages you and nudges you beyond your comfort zone? My friend Erica is that kind of friend. I am lucky to have her. She believes I can do most anything.

I mentioned to her that I need to improve my photography skills. I told her that I feel that it is just going to be a matter of spending more time taking pictures.

Next thing I know, I am signed up as a volunteer photographer for Operation Gratitude’s Assembly Day! Erica hooked me up!

Operation Gratitude is a great organization that makes care packages for the military. This video is a heartfelt introduction into how it all works.

The good news: I felt like a “real” photographer since I was given a packet when I arrived at the event. I was given memory cards, a schedule, and a fancy name tag. (Thank you, Gabriella!)

IMG_7325The bad news: I turned my memory cards in at the end of the event, so I only have a couple of pictures from the day and they are quick images taken on my phone while I was juggling two other cameras.

The photography-specific highlight of the event for me was when I saw a more experienced photographer watching me. His eyes followed my set-up to see what I was framing in the shot. After I moved away, he went over and took the same shot. Now, I’m sure his photo turned out a LOT better than mine, but it made me happy that he liked the composition enough to copy it.

I’m looking forward to viewing the Operation Gratitude Facebook page in a few days to see which shots made the cut.


Today they were celebrating the opening of a new facility as well as assembling thousands of care packages. There were hundreds of volunteers.

IMG_7344It was very inspiring to see so many people banding together to support the troops.

I had a great time working the event. If you live in the area, and would like to become a volunteer you can go to the website or call 818-469-0448. To help out, you can also visit participating Jersey Mike’s subs on March 30th, 2016.  All proceeds will go to support Operation Gratitude. Go to the website for more information.

This is a terrible panorama shot that I took from on top of a wiggling ladder, but if you click on it, it will expand and you can see what a large group of people were assembled for the event. It takes a few seconds to load.


If you have children over the age of 12, Operation Gratitude welcomes students to perform their service learning requirements. My own kids have participated in events over the years. They had a great time and they loved the free cookies.

Thank you Erica for being such a great friend.

Thank you Operation Gratitude for everything you do.

286 days to go!




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