Day 80- Sunday Evening Post

Happy Sunday!

I finally got around to filling that red thermos which I purchased at the Pasadena City College Flea Market a few weeks back. I filled it with Kicking Horse, Kick Ass Coffee. I was given a sample of beans at the Banff Mountain Film Festival last week. It packed up nicely on my trip to see wildflowers this week.

#43, Buy a red plaid thermos and fill it with something good.


#14, Watch one Annenberg Iris Series Lecture each week, 12/52

Since this week was largely about flowers, I thought I would watch a lecture by a photographer that uses a lot of flowers in her work. Amber Gray takes ethereal staged photos and makes short films. Check it out.

#211, Listen to a Weekly Podcast, 12/52

This week, since Spring is blooming everywhere, I thought it would be nice to listen to Margaret Roach’s podcast, A Way to Garden. This week she was speaking with Olivia J. Messinger Carrill, co-author of the book The Bees in Your Backyard.

I was shocked to learn that there are over 4,000 species of bees just in the U.S. and Canada. This number doesn’t even include Mexico!

I was also surprised to find that bees often nest in pinecones. I picked up large pinecones on my wildflower day trip this week. I’m really glad I didn’t disturb a swarm of bees.

#127, Perform a Weekly Random Act of Kindness, 12/52

I had an extra ticket at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and I gave it to this guy who was about to purchase a fourth ticket for a friend in his group. He seemed really happy.


#21, Try a new restaurant each week, 12/52

This week when I drove to Acton to find Kilcoyne Lilac Farm, I asked Elizabeth Kilcoyne if she knew where I might find a piece of pie since it was Pi Day. She recommended the Halfway House Cafe. It is a diner which was built in 1931 on the Old Sierra Highway.


Apparently a good deal of filming takes place at The Halfway House Cafe because of it’s period look.


It looked like a promising place to find a good piece of pie, and it was. The waitress apologized that they were currently only serving apple pie. I did have my heart set on cherry or berry or even lemon meringue, but once I tasted the apple, all that was forgotten. The apples were tart and fresh and a tiny bit crisp. The crust was light and flaky. It was the best apple pie I have had in years.


#364, Do a Weekly Photo Shoot, 12/52

This week I took LOTS of pictures. I visited Descanso Gardens and took pictures of lilacs and flowering trees. I went out day-tripping in search of wildflowers. I worked as a volunteer photographer at Operation Gratitude and I took pictures at the lilac farm. It was a busy week for the cameras.


#119, Attempt a new recipe each week,

Wow! I am falling seriously behind in this one area. It doesn’t help that I have had a houseful of dieters (prepping for Spring Break). I have no new recipe attempts to report.  My father-in-law is coming to visit soon and he likes three square meals a day so I’ll plan to catch up then.

Looking forward to a week of beautiful Spring weather.

285 days to go!


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