Day 87- Sunday Evening Post

Happy Spring Sunday!

Did you celebrate Easter? Was your day filled with hard boiled eggs and excited children? Did you eat chocolate bunnies and coconut cakes? Did you wrangle floral dresses out from the back of the closet and slip pale feet into sandals?

It was a lovely Spring day here in Los Angeles. It started out a bit foggy and chilly, but soon it warmed up and the sun came out of hiding.

I am enjoying Spring. The last few weeks have been all about flowers. Working through The List has enabled me to be a present and enthusiastic witness to the changing season.

Here is a wrap-up of the few items that didn’t make the posts during the week.

#365, Do a Weekly Photo Shoot, 13/52

This week I took pictures at the Carlsbad Flower Farms, the LA Flower Mart, and around the house. Here’s a few you might have missed.


This is a picture I took with my iPhone of the clouds above my son’s room. He has iBulbs, light bulbs that change color. I liked the look of the pink window against the night sky.

Here is our cat, Spice. She had a lot to say this week.



I took this picture of a sweet baby at the Flower Farm.

#14, Watch one Annenberg Series Lecture each week, 13/52

This week I watched Susan Gottlieb and Scott Logan discuss their lifelong interest in nature and the environment, the restoration of Gottlieb’s garden with California native plants and her book, A California Love Story – Gardening for Wildlife.

Susan mentioned that there is an upcoming garden tour through the Theodore Payne Foundation on Saturday & Sunday, April 2-3, 2016 from 10AM- 5PM.

#211, Listen to a Weekly Podcast, 13/52

I listed to a podcast called Slow Flowers, by Debra Prinzing. She is a Seattle-based outdoor living expert who writes and lectures on gardens and home design. She is the author of Slow Flowers, The 50 Mile Bouquet, Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways, and The Abundant Garden.

Her interview of Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschack of Urban Buds tells the great story of how Mimo found her second career.

The podcast is a detailed version. You can also see a short video about them on YouTube.

I am well acquainted with the Slow Food movement, but I had no idea that there is a Slow Flowers movement. I’m excited to learn more about it.

#127, Perform a Weekly Random Act of Kindness, 13/52

This week when I was at the LA Flower Market I saw a beautiful arrangement with pink and white orchids. I thought it would make a lovely gift for someone. I bought it and sent it to my daughter’s college counselor, Stephanie, who helped us through the application process.

Congratulations to my daughter Tess McLeod, Class of 2020, UCLA, Go Bruins!

#119, Attempt a new recipe each week, 9&10/52

This week I made popovers and strawberry butter. Check out that blog post here.

I’m still catching up!

#21, Try a new restaurant each week, 13/52

This week we tried Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern at The Village at Topanga. It’s a

casual, comfortable, yet sophisticated place in the new outdoor mall. We tried it for brunch.


They had killer bloody marys that come with a delicious lager back.

My son, Joseph, won the best ordering contest with his Fried Chicken and Sunny Side Up egg biscuit sandwich with tater tots.


The biscuits are INSANE. Order some as soon as you sit down.

We also shared a dessert with fresh cream, bananas, and butter pecan ice cream that was crazy good. It was called Bananageddeon!


#198, Eat Strawberry Shortcake

As if that last dessert wasn’t decadent enough, I also had strawberry shortcake this week.

I’m kind of loathe to mention it, because it’s so mainstream but I LOVE the strawberry shortcake at Cheesecake Factory. The sparkling sugar that is baked into the biscuit gives it a crunch and every Spring I make it a point to order it.


That’s it for this week.

278 days to go!


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