Day 91- Buy a flowered dress


#3, Buy a flowered dress

In the Spring, I often imagine that it would be lovely to throw on a flowered dress to go to the farmers market, or go to brunch, or attend a baby shower. I like the idea of wearing something feminine and light and cheerful. When I go to an outdoor concert or stroll through a garden or zoo, it seems like it would be the perfect thing.

But somehow years go by and I don’t seem to buy one.

When I’m out shopping and I see floral dresses, they always seem a bit… much.

I put a flowered dress on The List as a way of making certain that I would buy one this season.

I went shopping recently to find a few new things for a conference that I’m attending, and I ended up coming home with two floral dresses instead.

They’re okay. They’re not perfect. I don’t love them. But they fit perfectly and they’ll be good placeholders until dresses I love show up.

In the mean time, I will have something to wear if I am invited to an alfresco lunch on the Italian Riviera or perhaps asked to a Spring picnic in a sunny vineyard in Sonoma.

If I get an offer to sip margaritas in a cantina in Baja, you know what I’ll be wearing.

It’s my belief that if you have the right outfit, the occasion will present itself.


274 days to go!

(Incidentally, I took the cover photo of the two ladies above last November at the Arboretum. There was a Victorian Lawn dance going on and everyone was dressed in period costumes.)





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