Day 95- Buy a Cookbook

#167, Buy ten cookbooks, 3/10

On Sunday night, I attended the 38th annual IACP Awards. It was great fun to watch food writers, photographers, and stylists walk to the podium and give teary speeches.

The whole list of winners is available here on Eater.

One of the many books that I’m exited about is The Picnic.


I love how the cover looks like a letterpress greeting card.

The, authors are Marnie Harnel, Andrea Slonecker, and Jen Stevenson.

Marnie Harnel writes for The New York Times Magazine, W magazine, Departures, and Marie Claire.

Andrea Slonecker is a cookbook writer, food stylist, the recipe editor of Kinfolk, and the author of Pretzel Making at Home and Eggs on Top.

Jen Stevenson runs the Portland food blog Under the Table with Jen and is the author of Portland’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces.

Together, Hanel, Slonecker, and Stevenson lead the Portland Picnic Society, a group that was founded to celebrate the art of picnicking. Check out their blog post, cleverly titled, “Orange is the New Picnic.”

One look at their photos and you too will be spreading a quilt on the grass with a mason jar full of sweet tea.

269 days to go!

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