Day 102- Learn a Pretty Napkin Fold

#259, Learn a pretty napkin fold

Have you ever been on a cruise? Have you returned to your cabin to see your towels shaped into sea creatures? Or have you been to a brunch where your napkin is shaped like a butterfly or a little basket?

I am crazy busy right now, so I couldn’t attempt anything quite that ambitious, but a festively folded napkin does make a breakfast tray feel a bit more special.

Here is the very simple napkin fold that I learned.

First I chose a napkin with a fringed edge, so the finished product might look a little ruffly. I folded it twice to make a square and made sure the fringed edges were at the top.


Next, I brought down one of the fringed corners to meet the bottom corner.


Then I repeated it with the next layer, so that the fringe would rest just above the previous layer.


Then I brought down another corner, just above the previous one.


Then I flipped the whole square over and folded the left and right corners over each other, trying to keep the napkin evenly in thirds.


Lastly, I flipped the napkin back over.


It gives you a nice pocket to put a fork.


So, it’s not too fancy or difficult, but it does look better than a paper napkin. Now I’m ready to make a breakfast tray if I need too.

262 days to go!


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