Day 103- Visit a garden

#18, Visit 6 notable gardens, 2/6


Today we went to the Los Angeles Arboretum. The air was fragrant, the peacocks were screeching, and everywhere we looked flowers were blooming in profusion. Even these lovely cacti were covered in huge blooms.


We walked the pathways and perched on benches, but the day was surprisingly hot and we soon found ourselves looking for shade.


This is Cynthia looking pretty under some trees. We had a lovely time catching up.


This peacock was walking by us and Cynthia asked it to open its tail feathers and put them on display. As if on command, the bird stopped and spread his feathers wide like a paper fan. The peacock then danced in a circle for us. It was really funny and quite lovely. I’m going to call her the peacock whisperer from now on.


The roses were lovely though they were looking like they might be at the end of their first bloom and now moving on to the next wave. I need to get to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena soon to see their roses before the heat tires them out.


Bees were buzzing through the lantana and making a ruckus.


There were bursts of color everywhere.

We had a perfect day at the Arboretum and then went to El Cholo for lunch and a coconut margarita.

April is one of the prettiest months in Los Angeles, and I was happy to share a part of it with Cynthia.


260 days to go!


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