Day 104- Go to tea

#9, Enjoy four afternoon tea excursions, 2/4


It’s lovely to squander the whole of an afternoon sipping tea in a luxury hotel, but sometimes, like today, I only had an hour and a half to spare. It was fabulous to find a tea parlor just a few miles from my house. My mother-in-law and I settled in for a chat and a cuppa before we had to race across town to pick up my son from school.


There were many choices, but we selected the Traditional Tea.


A tea cart was presented to us, and I chose a black tea blend with peach and apricot notes. Cynthia chose a chestnut blend that smelled heavenly.


I told our charming waiter that we were in a rush, and soon this three-tiered tray was in front of us. We chose from four different flavors and preserves and were given clotted cream in a separate dish.


I loved my bone china cup covered in forget-me-nots.

We had a delightful time and made an afternoon out of mere minutes.

259 days to go!

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