Day 108- Visit an antique mall

#182, Visit an antique or collectibles mall

In the eighties, my mom and I used to shop at an antique and collectibles mall called “Memory Lanes”. It was a big warehouse which was separated into individual stalls (stores) with long aisles that divided them. If you found something that you wanted to purchase, you walked into the middle of an aisle and rang a bell that hung from a chain. A person wearing an apron would appear with a basket and take your items to the counter.

We found lots of treasures at Memory Lanes. We bought depression glass, china, pottery, linens, baskets, kitchen tools, books, and lots of other things. We loved puttering around for hours. Over time I collected several pieces of blue glass that I would polish until it sparkled. It looked pretty displayed in the kitchen window of my first house.

Memory Lanes is far away from where I live now, and I’ve heard that it is rather empty since several of the tenants have moved out. So last week, when I spotted the Pasadena Antique Mall as I was racing out of a Paseo Colorado restaurant, I was determined to return when I had more time.


I found the time today. When I entered, I saw that it was laid out like Memory Lanes. Many of the shops were set up very thoughtfully like this one.


Others specialized in jewelry. The large necklace below reminded me of something that Iris Apfel might wear.


The pieces below were being offered by a prop master who is a collector of celebrity merchandise. He also sold items from the film Titanic, personal items of John Wayne, and some items from Sex and the City.


One of the items on The List is “buy vintage earrings”. I am finding this item far more difficult than I’d imagined. All the vintage earrings I have seen so far are not anything I would feel comfortable wearing. They are either too large, or too gaudy, not designed well, or too expensive. I will have to keep looking, because I didn’t find any here either.


There was a section devoted solely to lightbulbs. They offered vintage lighting from 1900-1940, Art Deco pieces, Arts and Crafts pieces; and a huge selection of Edison, carbon filament bulbs, and historic design bulbs. They also offer restoration, and custom design services.


I laughed when I saw this drawing because it looks a good deal like my father-in-law who is visiting us this week.

The Pasadena Antique Mall also has a wide selection of books and records. It was fun to see these old favorites from my childhood.


It was a great place to spend a few hours. I bought two design books and I was tempted by all the dishes and stemware.

When I finished there, I stopped in at Book Alley, a used bookstore a few miles away. There I found a copy of a book which had been recommended to me by a dive bar bouncer. He was an interesting guy who insisted that I would LOVE the book. We’d never met before, so I was intrigued that he would have such a strong conviction that the book would be meaningful for me. I’m eager to return to the bar one day and tell him what I thought of his recommendation.

After that, I headed to the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall where I bought a few restaurant ware bowls from the 1950s, and then I scoured the place looking for vintage earrings. No luck.

Even so, I had a great time wandering through the spaces, traveling through time, handling everything, and humming along to the oldies they were playing on the radio.

262 days to go!






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