Day 123- Visit a gallery

#156, Visit three art galleries, 2/3


Yesterday when we were driving through town, my mom pointed out the art gallery, Galeria Bellas Artes. The gallery has been in San Carlos for 23 years and is owned by Pilar Rutherford. Pilar’s late husband, Burke, was a sculptor. Together he and Pilar built the gallery for the community of San Carlos and art lovers everywhere.

We visited The Galeria today. Pilar greeted us with open arms and told us that we could take anything home and live with it for awhile if we desired. She told me that the Galeria is a showcase for the works of over 30 artists from Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and other parts of Mexico. Local artists from San Carlos are represented here as well.

My mom is fondest of the paintings of Armando Becerra. He also signs his work BECRIS, and is a native of Tijuana.  Becerra believes “that in painting, like in life, there is a continuous process of creation, always intimate and free, that invites reflection and exploration of the emotions and passions leaving its essence in each layer of time”.

Here is a photo of the artist with a painting very similar to one that my mom and I were drooling over in Pilar’s gallery.


Becerra will also be featured at the Rosarita Arts Fest coming up on May 28-29.

Other well-known artists at the Galeria Bellas Artes include Mayen, Prieto, and Acosta. There are also bronze and marble sculptures, ironwood carvings, jewelry in original designs, and hand-made scarves and purses for sale.



IMG_3434 (1)

Pilar has helped my mom round out her art collection.

My mom said her house felt empty before she began collecting art. This beautiful Becerra above her couch in her house, makes the room come alive.


I enjoyed learning about Mexican art with my mom, and I started thinking seriously about how to adorn the blank walls in my own house.

243 days to go!

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