Day 125- Visit a boutique

#66, Visit 8 fabulous boutiques, 3/8

Do you love thick Mexican glass or margarita glasses that look as if they’re covered in confetti? I certainly do. Today my mom took me to a boutique here in San Carlos, where I could have spent a month. I wanted to touch everything and I definitely will need to return someday with a car large enough to cart things home.

The boutique is Sagitario.

IMG_3421 (1)

The shelves were packed with painted dishes, urns, platters, and figurines.


There were shoes, and handbags, and now that I’m looking at the photo I wish I would have gotten a better look at something I see on the shelf.


There were glass art pieces and a whole room of pitchers and stemware too.

IMG_3426 (1)

I loved the jewelry and nearly purchased some large statement pieces.

I was overwhelmed, in a good way. The store personnel were patient and helpful and brought out more things for us to see.


I made a small purchase, a pendant for a friend, but I hope to return to Sagitario one day with deeper pockets and less fortitude.

241 days to go!

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