Day 128- Sunday Evening Post

Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a great week lazing around in Mexico. Though it was rough on the blog, I am so happy I had time to visit with my Mom and Rich and everyone else in San Carlos. It was good to get away and enjoy a change of scenery.


#14, Watch one Annenberg Series Lecture each week, 19/52

In lieu of watching an Annenberg lecture this week, I decided to learn about a few Mexican photographers. This post from NPR’s ‘The Picture Show, gave me a “springboard for deeper examination” by naming these photographers:

Manuel Alvarez Bravo and his wife, Lola, contemporaries with artists like Frida Kahlo

Graciela Iturbide, who apprenticed with Manuel, and American-born Mariana Yampolsky, who apprenticed with Lola Alvarez Bravo

Lourdes Grobet, known for his documentation of the Lucha libre

Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, photojournalist Elsa Medina and the prolific Pedro Meyer

And younger artists like Alejandro Cartagena and Yvonne Venegas

Lola Alvarez Bravo, whose career spanned the twentieth century, has a wonderful body of work I enjoyed this blog post about her. You may have seen her images before, like this one of Frida Kahlo, courtesy of The Center of Creative Photography.


I can’t love this photograph enough. It’s by Graciela Iturbide, Courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It’s called La Nuestra Senora de la Iguanas, Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico 1979.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.04.27 AM

I look forward to learning more about all of these photographers.

#365, Do a Weekly Photo Shoot, 19/52

I took lots of photographs in Mexico this week, but I learned that I’m not very good at multi-tasking. I have a hard time chatting AND taking photos. I have a harder time, being in choppy seas and trying to take pictures of leaping dolphins. Perhaps I will get better with time, but I suspect my best photos are going to be on slow, solo journeys with my feet on solid ground.

Here’s a few from the week.



FullSizeRender 9



#211, Listen to a Weekly Podcast, 19/52

I listened to a podcast about photographer David Alan Harvey on The Candid Frame. This is a guy who seems to have no problem multi-tasking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.11.08 AM

This image is from his website gallery, OBX.

#127, Perform a Weekly Random Act of Kindness, 19/52

This week my mom and I stopped in and visited an elderly lady, who is the mother of my mom’s friend, John. (He is the man who loaned us his kayak). Her name is Eva, and she is getting a reputation around town for being a bit persnickety so I wondered how she would behave during our visit.


She was nice. She definitely had curmudgeon-like qualities, but I adored her and she LOVES my mom. Eva instructed her caregiver to serve us a piece of pumpkin cake and then scolded her because the pieces were too big and not cleanly cut. The caregiver looked at us for sympathy, but I sympathized with Eva instead. I could understand her frustration. Sure, the caregiver isn’t a baker, but how does someone get to thirty years old without knowing how to properly cut a sheet cake?

Eva’s eyesight is failing so she guides her caregivers through the recipes and they do the actual cooking. The pumpkin cake was extraordinarily good, though the caregiver admitted that she doesn’t cook at all.

My mom said that everything Eva cooks/directs is delicious. Eva clutched an old journal in her lap and I asked her if I could see it. I opened to find it full of recipes. When I asked about a particular recipe, Eva’s eyes lit up and she would tell us a story about it.

When I complemented Eva on her cooking, she insisted that we come back later in the week to try her coconut cake. She told us that it is “the perfect cake that you can make ahead and freeze because it can be quickly thawed for company”.

We were on our way to dinner when Eva called a few days later and asked that we stop by. We dropped in briefly and saw that she had a new caregiver. The woman spoke no English, but Eva liked her better and it was easy to see why.

She cut us perfectly clean, properly sized pieces of coconut cake. She needed no instruction.

My mom and I exchanged a glance, knowing that the cake would spoil our dinner. But we could only be grateful that an elderly, nearly blind woman was kind enough to offer us cake.

As if that wasn’t enough, she and the caregiver had written down several recipes for me and presented them in an envelope. As I was looking through them Eva remembered a great recipe for an easy chocolate cake that she had forgotten to include. She was impressed that I could just take a picture of it with my phone.

IMG_1509We may have been trying to do a kindness for Eva, but she delighted us with cake and told us how to make it ourselves so I think we did better in the bargain.

#119, Attempt a new recipe each week, 17/52

I didn’t do any cooking this week, but I watched a chef make ceviche out of fish that he had scooped out of the ocean just moments before. Check it out.

#21, Try a new restaurant each week, 19/52

We ate out a lot in Mexico. I was amused at how many of their dishes look like the Mexican flag.

FullSizeRender 10

You can even order a Bandera (translates to flag in Spanish) at the bar and you will get three shooters, one lime juice, one tequila, one Sangrita.

FullSizeRender 11

We had jamaica and limonada with a view of the Sea of Cortez.


And we were surprised to be able to take before and after pictures of our lunch.



We also had a great burger that came with a sizzling jalapeno and a spread of guacamole.


We had fun eating and living la vida loca.

238 days to go!


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