Day 132- Buy a scented candle

#319, Buy a scented candle


It’s days like today that I am glad I had the foresight to put simple things on The List.

When my kids were young, we had Friday Night pizza nights. It was an easy tradition to establish because there were so many ways to be successful at it.

If we were relaxed and had lots of time, we made our own pizzas from scratch.

If we were exhausted or just not feeling it, we could order pizza.

If even that seemed too much trouble, we could throw a prepared crust in the oven with jarred sauce and a sprinkling of mozzarella.

Most of the time we made pizzas from Trader Joe’s pizza dough and invited kids over to do it with us. Sometimes we made root beer floats and watched movies too.

The thing is, it was hard to fail at Pizza Night. The only thing easier than doing pizza night would be not to eat nothing at all, and with three young kids that wasn’t an option.

I hope I have employed the same strategy with The List. I can’t go to a museum or an art gallery or a hockey game every day, but on a day filled with lease paperwork and housekeeping and grocery shopping, I can still keep going.

I can stand in the store and read romantic names like Blackberry Absinthe, Watermint, and Grapefruit Oleander.

I can still take a moment to be still and steep in fragrant air watching the flames dance. I can put the candle at the edge of the tub and soak in darkness as the light flickers across the water.

Moments don’t need to be complex or difficult to be large. Sometimes they can be as easy as striking a match and letting your cares burn away.

Deep breath. Ohm.

230 days to go!

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