Day 149- Sunday Evening Post

Happy Sunday!

We are two days into our three day weekend. I’m wearing red, white, and blue, but no one seems to notice. It’s alright. My patriotism is quiet and personal. It doesn’t need to wave flags, but it shows up to vote, to honor, to support, and to celebrate. Here’s a little slideshow to watch while you take a moment to remember the fallen.

#14, Watch one Annenberg Series Lecture each week, 22/52

I watched Donna DeCesare’s lecture titled, “Children of War.”

Through photography, Donna DeCesare explores how the mayhem of war affects children both in the moment and for years afterward. To see more of her work and in her involvement in humanitarian efforts visit her website and

 #365, Do a Weekly Photo Shoot, 22/52

I haven’t picked up my DSLR cameras for a few weeks, since I started having lens issues, but here are a few photos I took from the Desert Garden section of the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden.




#211, Listen to a Weekly Podcast, 22/52

I listened to a Memorial Day program on Storycorps.

It’s important to hear these voices to gain an understanding of how war effects families, especially if you’re fortunate enough not to already know firsthand.

#127, Perform a Weekly Random Act of Kindness, 21/52

This week the boys ordered pizza and I overtipped the delivery boy just because. It made his day.

#119, Attempt a new recipe each week, 19/52

I am not cooking in my usual style lately. There are no cubes of butter being pulled from the fridge with abandon. There are no loaves of bread sitting on the counter. I’m trying to be a bit more sensible since walking up the zillion stairs at UCLA last week nearly put me into cardiac arrest.

It’s been a lot of grilled fish and vegetables at the McLeod house lately, but here’s a recipe I made for slow cooker oatmeal with dried cherries.

#21, Try a new restaurant each week, 22/52

My husband arranged a “date night” for us at a restaurant in Westlake Village called Pearl District. He had read favorable Yelp reviews and they were not wrong.

We started with a California Avocado salad with arugula, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, BBQ shoestring potatoes, and lime pepita dressing.


I chose the Crispy Skin Branzino for my entree.


It was served with grilled lemon, roasted grape tomatoes, capers, oregano, zucchini, roasted fingerling potatoes, and garlic lemon butter.

He had the grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon.


It was served with yukon gold potato puree, spring snap peas, gazpacho salsa, and spanish romesco sauce. It was almost too pretty to eat.


217 days to go!

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